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Marketing and Promotion

You're almost there! You have a professionally edited and designed manuscript, a knock-out cover, and you've chosen an appropriate printer. Now it's time to introduce your book to the world. If you're not sure where to start, don't worry. We never want our authors to feel abandoned once their book arrives. For those authors who want to have their books reach bookstores and the media, we offer a range of promotional services. From a simple press release you can fax to your hometown newspaper, to an extensive media kit that any organization can use to order or promote your book, we can help you meet your goals.

News Releases and Press Kits
Our staff of editors, designers, and marketers will work with you to produce a press kit for media outlets. A news release is the minimum you'll need, but you're more likely to garner attention with a press kit. When we create your press kit, we'll provide all the materials to you on disk or as camera-ready art so that you can print extra copies any time you need them. Our kits include a news release, an author bio, an author interview, a stellar excerpt, and an image of your book's cover perfect for reprinting in reviews or newspaper articles. All of these materials are designed to do the work for the journalist or bookseller who receives them, making it easier for them to promote or review your book.

Many national magazines and newspapers require a three-month lead time in order consider a feature about you and your book. However, they also want the feature to run when the book is hot off the presses. In the publishing industry it is standard to create and send out galleys (also called review copies, advance copies, and proofs) four to five months prior to the release of your book. Your galleys can be sent, along with a press kit, to national and large regional media. October can produce professional galleys and provide contact information for appropriate media outlets. We'll work with you to devise a list that best fits your book.

Individual Services
We know that every author's needs and goals are different. If the idea of press kits and galleys seem like more than you want, we'll work with you to pick and choose aspects of our promotional services that will work for you. If you're not sure what you might need, we'll sit down and help you decide if a local, regional, or national media campaign is appropriate for your book. Our staff will work with you to select the promotional elements that will best suit your book and your budget.

Mailing Services
In addition to creating your press kits and helping you identify targeted media outlets, we can coordinate your promotional mailings. Let us do the printing, envelope stuffing, and stamping. We'll send out your galleys, press kits, or other promotional items in attractive, attention-grabbing packaging. Fees depend on the extent of the mailing.

Promotional Consultations
For those authors who don't know where to begin or who want a more directed approach, we offer marketing and promotional consultations-sharing the insights only years of experience can give.