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Design and Production

Having a finished manuscript is only the first step in the process of bringing your book into print. After your work has been revised, polished, and professionally edited it is publishable; It is then the job of the designers to make it readable.

Your design choices will affect how your work is received in the marketplace, and can even make your words more effective and more memorable. At October Publishing Services we understand all too well that while image isn't everything, a book is still too often judged by its cover. Our professional book designers are dedicated to creating an individualized design for your project that will reflect and enhance your work, turning your manuscript into a book that is a joy and a pleasure to read.

Type is one of the most difficult and least understood areas of book design. Poor choices in font style or size can interfere with the readability of your book, and even cause your readers to put the book down unfinished! A professionally typeset book will bring clarity to your work and give your words a greater impact.

Sometimes, what isn't on the page is just as important as what is. Overcrowding the page with text is one of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced authors and publishers. An effective page design helps your readers navigate through your book. It makes recipes easy to use, directions easy to follow, and even stories and poems easier to read and understand.

Cover Design
Your book's cover is often your first impression on your readers. An attractive cover will make your book stand out on the shelf. An engaging cover will increase your book's visibility, marketability, and sales. Professionally-designed covers increase your chances of having your book reviewed by the press and stocked by bookstores. October understands the importance of creating a complete design that doesn't stop at the edge of your book's front cover. We can help you make effective use of the back cover and spine in order to create a professional-looking product that will stand up alongside any traditionally published book.

Production Management
Choosing a printer and paper stock is one of the most important decisions you'll make about your book. We can handle the technical aspects of production so you don't have to. We'll contact printers, acquire paper samples, submit your book's specifications, and help you find the right printer for the job. Once your selection is made, we'll act as a liaison on your behalf, tracking your project from the time it's delivered to the printer to when your finished book arrives.

The designers at October understand that you have a certain vision for your work. We're committed to helping you bring that vision into print. We'll meet with you one-on-one to discuss your ideas and help you create a design that meets both your budget and the needs of today's market.

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