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Editorial Services

You've done the hard part. You've completed that manuscript that was begging to be written. Congratulations! You've accomplished something that few aspiring writers ever do. Now that you've finished, you must start the revision process. Are you ready to take an honest look at your work? Can you make the hard decisions? How do you remain objective? Can you count on loved ones or friends to give you unbiased opinions? Revising your work can be a challenging, often painful process. Working with a professional editor can help you through the next step of your journey.

At October, we believe the saying, "The best editors are never seen." Our editors are passionate about helping writers be the best that they can be. We want to work with you to help you tap into your manuscript's potential-not alter your words or inject our own personal style. We provide a range of editorial services designed to give you (and your manuscript) the personal attention they deserve. We provide professional, objective guidance that will help you make the most of your words.

Basic Manuscript Critique
Our editor will perform one reading of your manuscript and make general suggestions as to organization, structure, plot and character development, and potential audience. You will receive a report highlighting any trouble spots in your manuscript-as well as its strengths.

Substantive Manuscript Editing
This service is for those of you who are ready to experience the entire editorial process. In addition to reading and assessing your manuscript, your editor will go through your book line by line and mark any grammatical problems, errors, and typos. You will receive detailed suggestions and editorial comments that will help you strengthen your manuscript. Your editor will consider the manuscript in its entirety, do several read-throughs, and work with you to attain a highly polished final draft. Copyediting for sentence structure, style, and usage is included in this service. We guarantee you'll love what you've created.

Basic Copyediting
If you're looking for someone to clean up inconsistencies with spelling or usage, dialect, or punctuation, let our editorial staff do the work for you. We will mark, and even enter onto your floppy disk, any necessary changes.

If you've already had your book edited and designed, our editors will go through your designer page proofs or printer proofs with a fresh set of eyes. We'll check for errors or inconsistencies in the text as well as chapter titles, indexes, tables of content, and notes. We'll make sure your book meets accepted book industry standards.

Editorial Consultations
Wouldn't you love to pick an editor's brain? To find out what kinds of things can help your manuscript stand out in the submission pile? Our editorial consultations are designed to help you sort through some of the basics of manuscript submission. We'll get to know you and your manuscript, and provide general guidance to help you sort out some of those questions you've always wanted to ask. You will receive a questionnaire prior to your consultation to help pinpoint your major areas of concern.